07 September 2011

Digital Switchover - 7 to 21 September 2011

The digital TV switchover has arrived in Birmingham. By the end of the month the analogue TV signal to your aerial will be switched off and only the digital TV signals will remain. Cable and satellite TV services will not be affected.

From today BBC2 will stop being broadcast in analogue from the Sutton Coldfield transmitter. We will all need to retune our TVs and set top boxes to ensure that we receive all the available channels through an aerial. You can normally do this by selecting "setup" or "installation" from the menu - but retuning instructions are also available.

On the 21 September, all the remaining four analogue channels will be switched off so that the digital TV signals can be boosted. It will be necessary to retune TVs and set top boxes again. TVs that haven't been switched to digital (whether through an aerial, cable or satellite) won't receive TV signals any longer.

If you need any help or advice then you can visit the Digital UK website or telephone their contact centre on 08456 50 50 50.

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